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Tuesday, 02. December 2014
The Sons (and Daughters) Of Donors Also Rise - Kenneth P. Vogel - Politico
By krystalgil, 01:43

It also includes a 36-year-old tech heir named Farhad Ebrahimi, who has been involved with a group called Resource Generation that encourages rich young people to get involved in philanthropy. The wealth he received from his father and namesake, a former co-owner of the software company Quark, is much, much more than Ill ever need, Ebrahimi wrote in a 2010 blog post explaining his philanthropy. In it, he compared his father to an industrious squirrel who continued to collect nuts despite the fact that we already had more than enough for winter. And so I made a promise to myself that, by the time I hit thirty, I would get into the nut redistribution business. Its not uncommon, of course, for kids to reject their parents deeply held political beliefs, particularly if they feel theyre being foisted on them. Thus, liberal operatives have tried to capitalize on generational cultural shifts to woo the kids of rich conservatives. Weston Milliken, one of the sons of South Carolina textile billionaire Roger Milliken who funded The American Spectator magazine during its 1990s crusade against Bill and Hillary Clinton and has been credited with providing the cash behind Richard Nixons racially polarizing Southern strategy is a member of the Democracy Alliance. Weston Milliken co-hosted a panel at last months Democracy Alliance meeting called Southern Discomfort that, according to an agenda , focused on fighting policies in Southern states deemed harmful policies to reference people of color, women, the LGBT community, and organized labor. Milliken, who is gay, is clearly avenging the sins of the father, said one Democracy Alliance player familiar with Millikens involvement.
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